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Tax Policy Center writings cover a wide range of tax issues in many forms, ranging from research reports in national journals and policy briefs of the Urban Institute and Brookings Institution to op eds in leading newspapers and testimony at Congressional hearings. The TPC also publishes its own products: Issues and Options policy briefs, Tax Policy Discussion Papers, and regular columns in Tax Notes magazine.


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The Federal Budget Outlook Alan Auerbach and TPC co-director Bill Gale present new estimates of the budget outlook, based on the latest projections from the Congressional Budget Office and the Medicare and Social Security Trustee reports. The medium-term budget outlook has not changed appreciably since early 2010. Under reasonable assumptions, the federal government is likely to face deficits in excess of 6 percent of GDP by late in the decade, with the debt-GDP ratio reaching 90 percent by or before 2020 and passing its previous all-time high of 109 percent by around 2022.

Effects of Imposing a Value-Added Tax To Replace Payroll Taxes or Corporate Taxes Joseph Rosenberg and Eric Toder examine the effects of imposing a new value added tax (VAT) in the United States and using the revenue raised to lower payroll tax and corporate income tax rates. The paper summarizes how different forms of VAT operate and compares how a VAT, payroll tax, and corporate income treat different sources of income and the different ways each tax distort economic decision-making.


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