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Tax Policy Center writings cover a wide range of tax issues in many forms, ranging from research reports in national journals and policy briefs of the Urban Institute and Brookings Institution to op eds in leading newspapers and testimony at Congressional hearings. The TPC also publishes its own products: Issues and Options policy briefs, Tax Policy Discussion Papers, and regular columns in Tax Notes magazine.


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Financial Transaction Taxes in Theory and Practice   In response to the financial market crisis and Great Recession, there has been a resurgence of interest in financial transaction taxes (FTTs) around the world. We estimate that a well-designed FTT could raise about $50 billion per year in the United States and would be quite progressive. We discuss the effects of an FTT on various dimensions of financial sector behavior and its ambiguous effects on economic efficiency.

Taxing Carbon: What, Why, and How  The case for a carbon tax is strong. A well-designed tax could efficiently reduce the emissions that cause climate change and encourage innovation in cleaner technologies. The resulting revenue could finance tax reductions, spending priorities, or deficit reduction—policies that could offset the tax’s distributional and economic burdens, improve the environment, or otherwise improve Americans’ well-being. But moving a carbon tax from the whiteboard to reality is challenging. To help policymakers, analysts, and the public address those challenges, this report examines the what, why, and how of implementing a carbon tax and using the revenue it would generate.


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