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Tax Expenditures


Tax expenditures are revenue losses attributable to tax provisions that often result from the use of the tax system to promote social goals without incurring direct expenditures. How tax expenditures are structured affects both who will benefit from them and how much they will reduce federal revenues.


Background Information

Briefing Book entries on Tax Expenditures:

Tax Encyclopedia entry: Tax Expenditures

TPC Distribution Tables

TPC Papers

How Large Are Tax Expenditures? A 2012 Update,” Donald Marron (Tax Notes, April 9, 2012)

How Big is the Federal Government?” Donald Marron and Eric Toder (TPC paper presented at National Tax Association Meetings on November 17, 2012; paper published March 26, 2012)

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“Summers on Social Tax Expenditures,” C. Eugene Steuerle


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